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22nd Jan 2013

Tuesday // 1am // 1 year ago


Samurai Star Wars Steve Bialik 

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28th Nov 2012

Wednesday // 7am // 1 year ago
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21st Nov 2012

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08th Oct 2012

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03rd Oct 2012

Wednesday // 11am // 2 years ago
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27th Sep 2012

Thursday // 10am // 2 years ago


LEGO Star Wars Hoth Chess Set by Brickplace

The problem with fantasy chess sets is that I’d spend more time playing with the pieces and having them roundhouse kick each other in the face. And the problem with Star Wars anything is that I’m always going to be making lightsaber VWOOSH noises. The problem with LEGOs is that I’m always going to step on that one goddamn piece and the problem with this set is that you’re not able to cut the Taun Tauns open and crawl inside for warmth. Those are just my problems though, of which I have lots, but Brickplace did an incredible job with this Hoth chess set and definitely does not deserve to have his hand cut off in the end (spoiler!).

Artist: Flickr (via: itlego)

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30th Aug 2012

Thursday // 12pm // 2 years ago
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23rd Jul 2012

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